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With so much drama in the world, we choose not to get caught up in it and focus on our YOGA. We Are Yoga is here to remind you to never give up on your yoga. Health is wealth and awareness is key.

The word Yoga means join, We Are Yoga reminds us that we are joined, we are connected. We work together on many levels, with ourselves and with others. Working together, mind & body, heart & lungs, person to person, group to group We Are Yoga.

We support yogi’s, yoga schools, federations, and organizations worldwide because yoga works. The practice has been proven to prevent and protect us against today’s enemies such as: obesity, diabetes, depression, cancer, arthritis, stress, heart attack, laziness and MORE! Yoga gets you out of pain and on your WAY.

Our address

138 West Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach, FL
29.2839851, -81.05979150000002
386.677.9642 (yoga)